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Defender 5000 Weighing Indicator

Multifunctional ABS Plastic Indicator for Standard Industrial Applications

The ABS plastic T51P is ideal for use in conjunction with bench and floor scales for standard industrial weighing applications. With various customization and configurability options, optional NiMH battery operation, flexible mounting capabilities, and multiple connectivity options, T51P provides the functionality needed for most standard industrial weighing needs.

  • The durably-built ABS plastic housing T51P has a reversible rear cover that supply's multiple mounting options, including, wall, column, scale front, or table-top mounting.
  • T51P features software for parts counting, dynamic weighing, percent weighing, checkweighing, display hold for large containers and can meet traceability requirements.
  • Multiple connectivity capabilities include built-in RS232 bi-directional interface and external input as well as optional RS422/485, second RS232 and AC or DC relay.


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