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Introducing the most intelligent and intuitive balance ever to come from the mind of OHAUS.

The all-new Explorer is the culmination of the very best thinking from the mind of OHAUS. It represents the perfect blend of our customers’ input and our engineers’ vision and has been created to deliver quality and dependability that simply has no equal.

Photo Model Code Item Nr. Capacity Readability Platform
Legal for Trade
Internal Calibration
Verification Interval E Test Weight

EX124 83021331 120g 0.1mg X

EX224 83021332 220g 0.1mg X

EX224N 83021334 220g 0.1mg X X 0.001g

EX324 83021335 320g 0.1mg X

EX324N 83021337 320g 0.1mg X X 0.001g

EX223 83021341 220g 0.001g X

EX423 83021342 420g 0.001g X

EX423N 83021344 420g 0.001g X X 0.01g

EX623 83021348 620g 0.001g X

EX1103 83021350 1100g 0.001g X

EX1103N 83021352 1100g 0.001g X X 0.01g

EX2202 83021356 2200g 0.01g X

EX4202 83021357 4200g 0.01g X

EX4202N 83021359 4200g 0.01g X X 0.1g

EX6202 83021360 6200g 0.01g X

EX6201 83021361 6200g 0.1g X

EX10202 83021362 10200g 0.01g X

EX10202N 83021364 10200g 0.01g X X 0.1g

EX10201 83021365 10200g 0.1g X

EX10201N 83021367 10200g 0.1g X X 0.1g

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