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Chatillon® MD Series
Bulk Milk Scales

Dairy farmers and processors have relied on Chatillon MD Series milk scales for years. The MD Series scale features a large, 8-inch dial with twin pointers. One pointer may be locked to indicate the net tare weight. The other pointer is used to indicate the gross weight. Available in 60 lb capacity, full capacity is reached in three pointer revolutions. Includes chrome-plated hook and loop. Graduations are in decimals.


  • 8-inch Dial with Dual Pointers
    • Pointer Indicates Gross Weight
    • Pointer Locks Tare Weight
  • Chrome-plated Hook and Loop
  • Capacity Reached in Three Revolutions
  • Decimal Graduations
Old Model No. New Model No.
270MD MD-060
60 lb x 0.1 lb
4 lbs (2 kg)


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