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  Ergonomics Testing Kits
These kits make job task analysis and ergonomic testing analysis simple and accurate, ideal for workplace design, strength assessment, and ergonomic studies. Available in capacities of 100 lbF (500 N), 200 lbF (1,000 N), and 500 lbF (2,500 N).

Basic Ergonomics Testing Kits, Series EK3
Includes a Series 3 digital force gauge, software, USB cable, hand grips, padded attachments, clevis grip, and accessories

Advanced Ergonomics Force Gauges, Series E
Available in kits or individual accessories
Advanced force gauge functions: averaging, continuous data collection, data memory and statistics
Unique Click-Lock™ accessory mounting technology

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» Force / Torque Indicators Comparison Chart (7i/5i/3i)

» Software Comparison Chart (MESUR™gauge, Plus, Lite)

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