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Flicker Meter with Spectrum - MF250N
Flicker Meter with Spectrum - MF250N

  Industry leading launch hand-held Flicker measurement instrument. Supports Flicker Index, Percent Flicker measurement. Meets standard IES, ASSIST, and ENERGY STAR specification definition. Stand-Alone, no need smart phone or PC connection. Value line your lighting products
Flicker frequency detects and analyzes up 2,000Hz


• Industry-leading launch Flicker measurement instrument
• Support Flicker Index, Percent Flicker measurement
• Meets IES / ASSIST / ENERGY STAR / VESA specification definition
• Standalone operation, no need smart phone or PC connection
• Lights flicker frequency measurement
• Flickr-time / frequency domain spectrum real-time monitoring
• Spectrum diagram and including 5 light unit-of-measure

CCT / CRI / LUX / P / i-Time

Visible light spectrum

Flicker Mode
Flicker index / Percent flicker /
VESA FMA / Frequency

FFT Mode
Flicker frequency-domain diagram

Light-Ware Mode
Flicker time-domain diagram

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