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  Spectrometer Basic MK350N

UPRtek CV600 Chrome View Meter is a digital light meter, color temperature meter for photo/video/ cinema/ film/ broadcasting industries.

Design Concept
Digital photography special spectrometer

• Embedded an accurate optical sensor designed to measure LED photography lights.
• The design is very fashionable and exactly matches the color aesthetics of the film industry.
• It's a practical lighting tool that analyzes the light source and indicates what you need to do to achieve your desired effecs.
• It is a wireless controllable system that allows users more possibilities to manage their testing requirements and data.

Applicable Scope
• Photographers
• Videographers
• Cinematographers
• Gaffers

• Portable, lightweight and compact.
• Support LB, CC, TLCI for film & broadcasting industries.
• Support EV, A mode and T mode & broadcasting industries.
• CMOS Sensor and Linear Variable Filter.
• Configured with high-capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery.
• Flicker detection : Maximum sampling rate is 100K HZ /sec.
• Reflected in the percent flicker and flicker index.
• Full color rendering index displays CRI and R9

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