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It's everything you want, but until now, never existed.

The VT02 Visual IR Thermometer combines the convenience of a spot thermometer with the visual advantage of a thermal imager creating a brand new tool category – a troubleshooting camera with an infrared heat map.

Customers spoke and we listened!

Our customers asked for a product as convenient as an infrared thermometer, as insightful as a thermal imager, with the visual context of a digital camera. Using hyper-thin pyroelectric technology, Fluke discovered a way to push the limits of this technology pioneering an array dense enough to create an infrared heat map. In the past, blending has been the exclusive territory of thermal imagers priced five to ten times higher, but not anymore. It's standard with your new visual thermometer.

75% Blended Image 50% Blended Image 75% Blended Image 25% Blended Image

Visual inspection
No issues are obvious to naked eye

Traditional IR

Optimized for single point measurements

Visual IR

Visual and thermal blending provide context and instantly tells you the exact location

Full infrared only
thermal images

Challenging to see exact location without visual context

Traditional infrared thermometers may seem affordable and convenient, but they only show an average temperature of an area and the farther away, the less accurate. Furthermore, the IR thermometers require the tedious tasks of taking multiple grid readings and manual recording of temperature measurements with an IR thermometer.

With the Fluke VT02 Visual Thermometer you get the visual image of exactly what you are measuring. So whether you are an electrician, electrical contractor, HVAC, industrial maintenance, automotive, or general maintenance, the Fluke VT02 Visual Thermometer will help you measure with confidence, diagnose problems instantly, and expand your business!

75% Blended Image 50% Blended Image 25% Blended Image

thermal blending

thermal blending

thermal blending

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