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  YJ Carat & Gold Compact Balances
The High Quality Answer for Portable Precision Weighing.

The OHAUS YJ Series was designed to meet the highest quality standards for the jewelry industry. Available in both carat and gold models, all fine stone and gold weighing. Carat models are equipped for weighing fine stones and gems while the gold models are made for weighing gold, precious metals and other fine jewelry.

  • With gram, carat, grain, and ounce weighing units, as well as a calibration weight and gem scoop on all carat models, YJ was built to meet the jewelry industry's weighing needs.
  • The bright blue backlit LCD display makes results easy-to-view in even dim lighting while a hinged draftshield cover ensures exact results.
  • Powered by four AAA batteries, the YJ balance also has a low battery indicator as well as an automatic shut off feature that conserves the battery after a period of inactivity.

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